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How to unblock a toilet Chelsea

A blocked toilet Chelsea takes place when the toilet is slow, when it fails to flush at all and when it is blocked completely. The toilet can start to stink and can make the entire house smelly. The blocked toilet is not a pleasant site to see at all. Unblocking the toilet may be something easy, but at the same time it is a dirty job. The most important thing is to have the best tool and to have a pair of rubber gloves on before you do anything. To be able to get rid of the mess, you should unblock the toilet, and the blockage can be located in different places. The blocking may take place because of using too much toilet paper or when strange objects enter into the toilet. Sometimes it can also be a problem with the sewer system blockage in itself. The first step is to get the tools that will assist you in this process. You should get an auger, a bucket, clearing rods, a plunger and rubber gloves. You should put towels around the toilet to avoid the water from flowing too far from the toilet. The next thing is to see the level of the water. When the water level is high, you should remove the water by using a jug or through using a hose. You should then use the plunger to unblock the toilet. When the plunger fails to work, you should try another method. When the blocked toilet Chelsea is a result of a compacted blockage, you need to use a flexible metal wire with a handle, which is known as a toilet auger. You should put the wire in the pan and you should wind its handle once you reach the obstruction. Pull out that blockage and flush for some time.


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