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Advantages and Disadvantages of Drain Cleaners

No one wants to wake up one morning to find that they have a clogged drain because it can take at least an hour to resolve the issue completely. A drain cleaner is a popular chemical based product used by homeowners to try and prevent clogged drains. It can do an effective job at clearing drains but it comes with its drawbacks. There are a number of advantages for a homeowner to purchase a drain cleaner. Firstly, they are very easy but also very safe to use. In addition, you dont have to worry about your drain pipes getting damaged because the chemical reactions caused by drain cleaners are unlikely to cause harm. You wont need any machinery to function a drain cleaner nor will you need any technical knowledge surrounding the product or plumbing. Most drain cleaners are very convenient in the sense you only need to pour it straight from a bottle into the drain. Despite the drain cleaner being chemically based, it wont cause any bad odours. However, with most chemically based products they come with a few disadvantages. You may trust the manufacturer of the drain cleaner but you may not be aware of any pollutants in the product that you are pouring down your drain. Furthermore, the drain cleaners purpose is to remove a variety of substances so you are using a product with many effects to possibly remove only one chemical so it lacks efficiency. Unlike cleaning rods, drain cleaners fail to clean the pipes surrounding your drains and instead leave residue which could lead to future blockages.If you need any services which include plumbing, heating, drainage or appliance repair, be sure to contact Plumbers Chelsea who is an excellent and trustworthy business. Plumbers Chelsea pride ourselves on the high standard of work we provide and how we can attend to you at any time of the day thanks to our 24 hour response service.


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