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How to unblock a shower in Chelsea

Every one of us has gone through a blocked shower drain at one point or the other. That feeling of water under the feet is never a pleasant one and you know something needs to be done soon. A Blocked shower Chelsea can happen to the best of us, but it can be cleared as easily as it occurs. This is a very common problem within all households and shouldnt be left unattended because it isnt that hard to resolve. It is something that can be handled without the need of calling a plumber.
Shower drain clogs are common due to the fact that they build up each and every time you decide to take a shower. They care caused by your dead skin, oil, hair and even soap scum. This is never a very pretty thing to deal with, but it has to be dealt with anyway. Things always flow down the drain every time you take a shower and they eventually build up so much that they cause a clog.
What you should do
Instead of calling in a plumber each time there is a clog in your shower drain, there are some things that you can try out first. About 90% of the causes of a blocked shower Chelsea can be handled using easy methods, so dont shy off from trying them out.
One of the most recommended methods is the use of a plunger. In most cases, this is the only method that you may have to use and your issue will be solved. Plunge the pump and stop once in a while to see if the drain has cleared.
You will have to unscrew the drain and inspect it. If you spot the blockage, insert a coat hanger and see if it is possible to fish out the clog. This works most of the time. Household products such as vinegar and baking soda can also be used in dealing with clogs especially where you cannot see the blockage.


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